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Lean1 Slim

Natural Weight
Loss Formula


Slim1™ is a novel weight control formula containing, optimal doses of Garcinia Cambogia, SuperCitrimax® and ChromeMate® which combined with a healthy diet and exercise, is clinically shown to:

  • Helps curb appetite & hunger pangs
  • Increases fat burning up to 108%
  • Promotes a healthy body weight
  • Increases healthy serotonin* levels
  • Inhibits your body fat production

*Serotonin is a vital brain chemical that promotes restful sleep, positive mood & reduced appetite.


  • Slim1™ is all natural, no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives. It is stimulant-free, lactose-free, sodium-free and gluten-free.
  • Garcinia cambogia extract is also known as the Malabar tamarind. It is rich in HCA. It’s been an effective and popular all-natural diet practiced for years. It manages your level of cortisol, acts as a fat blocker, reduces appetite cravings, and naturally decreases the amount of belly fat.
  • Super Citrimax is a unique, patented form of (-)hydroxycitric acid (HCA) bound to calcium and potassium, which increases the bioavailability and effectiveness of HCA.
  • ChromeMate® is a patented biologically active oxygen-coordinated niacin-bound chromium complex. Combined with HCA, studies have proven that ChromeMate® is an effective weight loss formula that can help reduce excess body fat and promote healthy blood lipid levels as part of a proper healthy diet and exercise program.


To reach your goals take SLIM1

Take 3 capsules of SLIM1™ along with a full ice cold glass of water 30 minutes before every meal to reduce hunger pangs, boost fat burning & optimize your healthy metabolism.

Healthy Diet

Replace 1 meal per day with a Lean1™ shake. Eat fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. Limit foods that are high in processed sugar, saturated fats,and starches.

Daily Exercise

Strive to incorporate 30-60 minutes of healthy exercise into your routine every day. Lifting weights & brisk walking will help burn fat and tone muscles.


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